Home Inventory management Services

An inventory is a document listing all the spaces in a property, including the garden and outbuildings if appropriate, with a detailed description of the condition and contents like furniture, appliances, decorations, curtains etc. This is agreed at the beginning of the tenancy and is referred back to when the tenant moves out to check for any changes, deterioration or dilapidation.

An inventory should be made shortly before the tenancy commences and the property should have all modifications and refurbishments completed, appliance testing certified, be clean, tidy and ready to be occupied.

When is a domestic Inventory a good idea?

With the introduction of the new Tenancy Deposit Scheme in 2007, there has never been a more important reason to get a comprehensive and detailed inventory report carried out for any property you intend to let.

If there is a dispute and the landlord and tenant cannot agree on how the deposit should be returned, then the deposit scheme has set up a dispute resolution service. Without a detailed inventory the landlord has little hope of succeeding in a claim against any dilapidation. An independent and unbiased inventory will give landlords, letting agents and tenants peace of mind. This Inventory should be a clear, definitive report, detailing the property and its contents in minute detail.

Inventory & condition report

Includes compiling a detailed description of the contents of the property, including any out buildings and gardens. Taking a picture in each room where possible of significant damage. Taking note of all meter readings. The agent will then receive our full colour typed report.


This service is available only when Bournemouth Energy compiled the original inventory, the update is no longer than 18 months of the most recent inventory and the property has not under gone any major changes, otherwise a new inventory must be compiled by Bournemouth Energy. The update includes working through the original inventory and making amendments as necessary, new photographs will also be taken as will meter readings. The agent will then receive our full colour typed report.

Check Out

Includes meeting the tenant at the property (if the tenant wishes to attend) working through the signed inventory comparing the current condition of each item with the original inventory, taking possession of the keys, obtaining a forwarding address, taking meter readings, taking photographs of any significant damage and outside areas and returning keys to the agent. The agent will then receive our full colour typed report.

Check In

Includes meeting the tenants at the property, handing over the keys (if held by us), check meter readings on Inventory and amending if necessary. Reading through the inventory in detail with the tenant and pointing out significant damage. Arranging for the inventory to be signed, completing the check in form, scanning the documents and returning the signed documents to the agent as well as e-mailing the scanned version.