Green homes are warmer homes

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Green homes are warmer homes

How the UK can move to a low-carbon heat system

A recent report by the WWF highlights the importance of Renewable energy, namely Solar PV Panels and Solar Hot Water.

Green Homes are Warmer Homes

High levels of energy efficiency As a rule, the buildings we are paying to heat in the UK are very inefficient. Because so much heat is lost, we need a large amount of energy just to provide an adequate temperature. This means that families and businesses are wasting huge amounts of energy, and money.Big improvements to the energy efficiency of the UK building stock are a prerequisite to delivering sustainable and affordable low-carbon heat. Currently, the average home in the UK has an energy performance rating in band D (on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient). Raising this to band B would substantially reduce the heat demand of a home. This would have the additional benefit of protecting present, and future, occupants from fuel poverty.

There is still huge potential to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes. Up to 4.5 million cavity walls and 10.3 million lofts still need to be insulated. Less than 3% of the UK’s 7.5 million solid-wall homes have been insulated.
The latest analysis of actual installed energy-efficiency measures highlights that we are falling far short of what is needed to meet the targets of the Climate Change Act.

Source: WWF

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