Solar Panel Clean

Experts in Solar Panel Cleaning with pure water

external cleaningDomestic and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Our technicians use the latest cutting-edge German pure water systems. The system uses filters to strip tap water of naturally occurring minerals. Once the minerals are removed (a process of de-ionization), the water dries spot-free leaving surfaces professionally clean without the use of chemical additives. The results really do speak for themselves.

Outstanding Results

Did you know that having your Solar Panels professionally cleaned can increase their yield by up to 30%. A few grams of dirt and dust per square metre can almost half your solar panels efficiency.  Conservatories and windows take on a new lease of life, benefiting from the smear-free finish, and they stay cleaner for longer!

Safe, Quick and Eco clean

pure water cleaningOur reach-and-wash poles make sure the job is performed efficiently, thoroughly and safely. Our technicians fully comply with current health and safety regulations and always leave the job clean and tidy.

Conservatories, Windows, UPVC gutters and Fascia Boards.

Most of our work can be carried out from the ground, however we are able to carry out taller and bespoke jobs – please call NOW to discuss your requirements.